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Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to an Associate of Arts Degree for New GWC Students

1. File an Application to Attend GWC

Fill out and submit the Golden West College online application.

Submit your application as soon as possible. Registration appointment times are issued in the order received. The Admissions Office will send your Student ID Number and registration information within 48 hours.

Continuing Students.
If you are a continuing GWC student (enrolled in the last primary term) you do not need to reapply (refer to Step 2 below).

New & and Returning Students.
If you have attended GWC previously, but have had a break in your attendance of one semester or more, then you must reapply to GWC.

2. Receive Registration Appointment

3. Complete the Matriculation Process

The matriculation process can be completed either of two ways.

Option One: Our Counseling G103 online course will satisfy the matriculation requirements and is completed entirely online. If you select this option, you will not need to come to the Golden West College campus for any part of your matriculation process.

We strongly suggest that you complete Counseling G103 - Educational Planning (1 unit) to meet the orientation and educational plan requirement. It also applies toward the 3-unit, Area E, General Education requirement for the AA degree. This course will assist you in evaluating your transcripts, reviewing your degree requirements, and exploring higher education options beyond the AA degree.

Option Two: Should you choose not to enroll in Counseling G103 for your first semester, the second option is a step by step process detailed below.

[-] Returning GWC Students:

  1. Submit Transcript(s)

    Please submit official transcript(s) for all college work completed outside of Coast Community College District prior to the start of the semester.

    Send to:
    Admissions Department
    Golden West College
    15744 Golden West St
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

  2. Complete English and Math Assessment Tests

    You must demonstrate eligibility for English and math coursework through the GWC Assessment Test, or completion of the prerequisite coursework at an accredited college/university.

    If you have not taken an English and math class at another campus before transferring, and it has been more than two years since you took an assessment test, you will need to take an assessment test again. You can enroll in courses other than math or English in your first semester, before the Assessment Testing is complete.

    If you cannot come to the GWC Assessment Center for placement testing, you may take a placement test at your local Community College/University that is accredited. Your test results should include your name, birth date, test date, test name, test scores and course placements.

    It is preferred (not mandatory) that you take the test at the college/university that uses the same testing instruments as GWC. GWC testing instruments are ACT Compass and College Board Assessment and Placement Services for Community Colleges (APS) for English. Math is the Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project (MDTP) test from UC San Diego. Click here for a list of colleges that offer these tests.

    Note: Some colleges charge a proctoring fee to students who will not attend their institution. Fees vary among the different institutions.

    View Assessment Test Schedule.

  3. Develop an Educational Plan with Counselor

    You will need to schedule an in-person counseling appointment to develop your educational plan.

    Due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), academic records cannot be evaluated over the telephone or fax. Your educational plan must be completed through the Counseling 103 online class or during a one-on-one counseling appointment on campus.


4. Register for Classes

View the list of currently offered online classes that fulfill degree requirements .

Visit the searchable schedule for all GWC courses.

Enrollment Fees.

We advise that you pay for your classes by credit card immediately after registering. This is the best payment method to secure your classes.  If we have your email address on file and you pay your fees by telephone with a Credit Card, you will receive your program receipt by email within minutes.  To complete registration, your fee payment must be made or postmarked within 48 hours after your registration.  If your payment is not received within the 48-hour deadline, then you will be dropped from the classes you have chosen.

If your Math and English assessments are not current, you will be unable to register for Math or English courses (though you are free to register for courses in any other subject).

5. Apply for Graduation (AA Degree)

Students who have finished the requirements for an AA Degree need to file a Graduation Petition with the Graduation Clerk in the Admissions and Records Office.

For additional information and graduation filing dates, please see Graduation and Transfer requirements.

Golden West College . 15744 Golden West Street . Huntington Beach, California 92647 . (714) 892-7711