Username & Password Issues

Can't log in to MyGWC or Canvas?

  1. Submit a Password Reset Request.

Can you log into MyGWC with your Student ID? If so, find your username by doing the following:

  1. Log in to:
  2. Click the Gmail link on the right.
  3. Look to the upper right.
  4. You will see

I'm Registered... Now What?

Can't see your classes in Canvas? Most courses don't become available until the FIRST day of class.

In the meantime...

  1. Get savvy about Canvas & Online Success.
  2. Purchase your book from the GWC Bookstore.
  3. Make sure you can log into Canvas.
  4. When your course link appears on the first day of class, click it to begin!

Petitioning Online Classes

To request an authorization code for an online class:

  1. Visit the Online Directory.
  2. Browse or search for your instructor, and click their name.
  3. Send an email request for an authorization code.

Please understand that instructors are inundated with requests. If you do not receive a reply by the second week of the class, the instructor was unfortunately not able to add you.


Have other Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.